JSR 236 Javadoc
JSR 237 Javadoc

CommonJ − JSR 237 Timer & WorkManager

Foo-CommonJ is a JSR 237 Timer and WorkManager implementation. It is designed to be used in containers that do not come with their own implementation – mainly plain servlet containers like Tomcat. It can also be used in fully blown JEE applications servers that do not have a WorkManager API or have a non-standard API like JBoss.

Why using WorkManagers?

The common use case is that a Servlet or JSP needs to agrigate data from multipe sources and display them in one page. Doing your own threading a managed environement like a J2EE container is inapropriate and should never be done in appliaction level code. In this case the WorkManager API can be used to retieve the data in parallel.

Install/Deploy CommonJ

The deployment of JNDI resources vendor dependant. This implementation comes with a Factory class that implements the javax.naming.spi.ObjectFactory interface with makes it easily deployable in the most popular containers. It is also available as a JBoss service. more...

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