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public interface WorkItem

This is returned once a Work is submitted to a WorkManager. It can be used to check the status of Work after it's finished and to check any exceptions that it threw. If the Work was serializable and the vendor implementation supports distributed WorkManagers then this object can be cast to RemoteWorkItem where additional APIs are defined to exploit this capability. WorkItem instances can also be used with the WorkManager.waitForAny(java.util.Collection, long) or WorkManager.waitForAll(java.util.Collection, long) to wait for remote or local WorkItems to complete.

See Also:
WorkManager, RemoteWorkItem, WorkListener

Method Summary
 int getStatus()
          This returns the current status of dispatching the Work.

Method Detail


public int getStatus()
This returns the current status of dispatching the Work. See WorkEvent for the values.

one of the events specified on the WorkEvent interface.
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